Our commitments

Waskr was designed from the start on the concept of transparency and the right of scrutiny and expression of citizens.

This is why we obviously apply this transparency requirement to ourselves.

And that you have the possibility to use Waskr to give your opinion on Waskr.

Our finances

Waskr is a Simplified Joint Stock Company.

All of the Company's Shares are the property of the founders of the company.

Since its official creation in January 2017 and so far, all financial capital invested in Waskr has come from the founders.

This capital comes from the salaries of the founders, collected for other professional activities, unrelated to Waskr.

Since October 31, 2020, we have received the amount of user subscriptions, i.e. € 1 / year, as well as donations made by donors.

Our annual Financial Report is published on June 30 of each year.

So far the Waskr company has made no profit.

Our code

Waskr exists thanks to Open Source. 

The libraries used are all under an Open-Source license in one form or another.

We have always wanted all of our code to be made public, with the only reservation that could harm the security, anonymity of our users or the proper functioning of the site.

We are committed to making this wish come true upon the release of version 1.0 of the site.

Our Carbon Footprint

Waskr doesn't do Green Washing, so we're not going to pretend to be greener than we are.
Unfortunately our finances do not currently allow us to apply the policy of respect for the environment that we want.
But we are publicly committed to systematically choosing the most ecological alternative possible according to our means.