Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Waskr come from?

The name Waskr comes from the word "Wask", which according to Urban Dictionary means:

1 - Adj. Rebel in a playful way. Derived from Elmer Fudd's slogan, “waskilly wabbit”.

2 - Basically a variable for any verb, adverb, adjective, noun or any other type of word. Can be whatever you want.

Why do I have to pay to use on Waskr?

We do not sell any personal data, as we do not collect any.

We do not sell any access to the results, as they are public.

We do not use any advertising placements, in order to be completely independent.

But especially if using Waskr was free, we wouldn't owe you anything.

By subscribing to Waskr, you become our client and therefore we owe you results, efficiency, transparency and honesty

You create numbers, we call them to account!

Why is the Waskr subscription so expensive? 

Waskr is at the very beginning of its history, our income is limited while our needs are unlimited.

This is why we have chosen, in order to allow Waskr to develop, to start with the highest possible price.

This way you can be sure that the cost of the Waskr subscription will never increase and will decrease as the number of users increases.

On what subjects can I give my opinion?

Waskr allows you to express your opinions, your opinions on any subject of your choice.

Unlike a traditional polling institute, you choose the questions and answers you want.

You can finally give your opinion on everything, even if no one asks you to.364/5000

On what subjects can I not give my opinion?

You cannot use Waskr to give your opinion on a private person (your friends, your neighbors, etc.), but only for public persons with whom you must have a commercial relationship (you are a client), a mandatory relationship ( public service or administration for example) or a public person.

Pourquoi Waskr est en Version Alpha ?

Nous avons choisi de démarrer en version Alpha est non pas Bêta, car

When will Waskr go to Beta?

Waskr will switch from the Alpha version to the Beta version, when all the sections are open.

When will Waskr go to version 1.0?

Waskr will switch from the Beta version to version 1.0, as soon as the number of Waskr users is sufficient to obtain a panel of the French population representative of the French demography.